Computer Scan

Vehicle Computer Scan

Today’s cars are complex machines. More like spacecraft, high skill levels and specific expertise are required to repair and maintain late model vehicles. Expert knowledge of mechanical and electronic systems is mandatory. Mechanics must be versed in electronic computer control systems as much as mechanical systems.

At My Auto Tech Manurewa, South Auckland, our automotive mechanic technicians maintain this high level of skill.

Electronic computer diagnostics

We are equipped with the latest electronic and mechanical service tools required to read and analyze data in order to locate the source of problems which would otherwise be even more difficult to find.

Locating the source of the problem is the first step in the repair. Once a fault is verified, the problem can be repaired or the part replaced.

Latest technical information

Up-to-date technical information is essential in properly testing electronic devices. The specifications of these electronic devices, such as sensors and actuators, are needed to accurately measure electrical signals to and from each unit. Only through proper measurement can we determine whether a unit is doing its job or causing problems.


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