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Raouf Shakib

Raouf Shakib:

Chairman and founder of My Auto Tech, Raouf Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Baghdad University, Iraq. He moved to New Zealand in 1996. WOF inspector. His passion for cars got him started with Babylon Auto Services in 1999. Prior to that Raouf Used to own a Factory of Central Heat exchange and air condition units in Jordan.

Haider Shakib:

Chief Executive Officer, Haider Studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Canterbury University. Joined My Auto Tech 2003 and been an inspirational and great role model and a leader to My Auto Tech Family Ever since. WOF inspector. He enjoys Martial Arts, Reading, Swimming, Biking, gardening, cooking and eating. He is currently in the process of Expanding My Auto Tech’s Services to the rest of New Zealand within the next ten years – offering clients excellent services, Great customer satisfaction with affordable and competitive prices.


Nassir has been a mechanic for over 25 years and continues to learn more. He is an experienced Engine and transmission specialist. No job is too big for Nassir. His knowledge in Subaru, Mazda, Toyota and Ford have added a great deal of knowledge to his teammates or as we like to call it the My Auto Tech family. He loves his morning coffee and pranking other teammates.


You all know our Awesome Anthony with his great sense of humour and loud voice. Have been with my Auto Tech team over 4 years now. Very Hardworking with a great deal of passion for cars and his teammates and go through the extra miles for all our lovely clients. With his 20 years of experience, Anthony is one of our, to go, guys, when the team need hand advice. His knowledge in Mitsubishi, Toyota and European cars helped the team a lot. Specialised also in Air conditioning and diagnostic scan.


Silent but deadly, our great Auto Electrician, work without noise, you see him but you cannot hear him, could sneak up behind you without a sound. do not talk or speak only wires and electronics is his language. Over 10 Years as an Auto Electrician. Always smiling, great fun to be around.


Down To earth, Friendly, great sense of Humour. Has a great passion for cars, run around to get right parts ordered for staff and shop around to get the top-quality parts with discounted prices for our clients. Will go the extra mile trying to get best value for money for our clients. He is great multitasking and enjoys helping everyone. Try his very best to meet all deadlines. He loves his wife and his new role as a dad to his beautiful daughter.


With 18 Years of Experience in the automotive industry, sharing his knowledge with My Auto Tech family added lots to the team expertise and efficiency in getting the job done quicker and more accurately. Our Clients love dealing with Adrian. He is always learning more through My Auto Tech Programmes of contentious learning and research and Developments. His expertise in Holden and Lexus have helped the team a lot. He loves singing and enjoying a great laugh with clients and Teammates. He loves spending time with his family

Albert Kurats:

Great help at the office with Jordan and Dina. Loves dealing with clients and coordinate between them and our team. Enjoys a great laugh. Tries his very best to get affordable prices to our client, by calling around for parts and getting feedback. 

Alignment or Balance with a smile, Shameel is your man!


‘Bubbly, funny, friendly and great to deal with’, this is what our staff and clients say about Dina. Even though she is relatively new to the industry she has a great passion for cars. Eager to learn, Dina enjoys following up with clients and getting feedback. And she’s not afraid to ‘crack the whip’ when completion deadlines are getting close!