WOF Inspection

Warrant of Fitness vehicle Inspections


There’s only one thing worse that driving around in your car knowing the WOF is due – getting a ticket! We make it easier to keep your car warranted, we can do the checks while you wait, drop you off and pick you up from work or even provide a loan vehicle.

Replacement parts and tyres for your vehicle

If your tyres are worn or any parts need replacing for your vehicle to pass a WOF, we can provide them at a competitive price and install them on your vehicle. You will always be contacted before parts are replaced or any extra work is done.

Thorough and honest

Your vehicle will be checked thoroughly but you can rest assured that no unnecessary work will be undertaken.


Vehicle Servicing

Regular servicing to keep your vehicle in top shape...


An ounce of prevention is worth a trip to My Auto Tech. Prevent big repairs by paying a little attention to proper maintenance. Preventive maintenance can:

  • Improve fuel economy
  • Help your vehicle deliver peak performance at any age
  • Find minor problems early to avoid major malfunctions later
  • Reveal cracks, frays, leaks and bulges in belts and hoses
  • Insure that all fluids are checked, changed and filled to recommended levels
  • Help your vehicle last longer
  • Keep your vehicle running safer

Auto Electrical

From changing a lightbulb to a full system analysis


Click. Vrr-vrr. Silence. Not what you want to hear when you’re on your way somewhere. Get your electrical problem fixed fast at My Auto Tech Manurewa, South Auckland.

  • Vehicle starts slowly or takes several tries to start
  • Vehicle makes terrible sound when trying to start and then doesn’t start
  • Cold or wet weather affects your vehicle’s ability to start
  • Vehicle needs to be jump started
  • Your battery is weak
  • Your ABS light is on
  • SRS check light is on

Any of these conditions may indicate the need for auto electrical service or repairs to your vehicle.

An electrical problem could be caused by a number of things, and My Auto Tech’s technicians likely know the problem right away and provide a quote for repair. Otherwise we can use our computer scan equipment to detect the issue and print a detailed analysis for repairs needed.


No one helps you keep your cool like My Auto Tech. Whether it’s routine maintenance or something more, we will make sure you’re riding in comfort mile after mile.

A/C system symptoms & warning signs

  • High fuel consumption when AC is on
  • A/C system doesn’t cool vehicle to set temperature
  • Fan/blower does not work when set in A/C mode
  • Fan/blower is louder than usual
  • Some or all of the dash controls do not work
  • Heater, top and side vents, or defroster do not work
  • A/C or engine makes loud noises when the heat or A/C is turned on
  • Vehicle stalls or idles roughly when A/C is turned on
  • Vehicle runs hot or overheats when A/C is on
  • There is water on the car’s floor
  • Electric engine cooling fan quickly cycles on and off
  • Unusual odours come from interior vents
  • A/C unit has not been serviced regularly
  • Windows fog when defroster is turned on

System evaluation

Our technicians will perform a complete system evaluation to properly diagnose your problem.

This includes:

  • Pressure readings
  • Leak test
  • Component performance and visual inspection
  • Check belts, hoses and connections
  • Test outlet temperature


When something is wrong with your vehicle’s A/C system, our technicians are standing by to make it right. From Water Pumps, Heater Cores, Radiators, Head Gaskets, & Thermostats, My Auto Tech does it all.

Transmission Servicing

A transmission flush for improved performance...


Whether its time for routine service or repair, My Auto Tech is equipped and staffed to handle anything on the road, from old to late model vehicles including high performance European cars, SUVs and 4x4s.

We can help you with all of your transmission and driveline service and repair needs.

Symptoms of a dirty transmission

  • Rough Shifting Abrupt or hard shifting between gears is the most common sign of transmission problems.
  • Fluid Dark or dirty transmission fluid is another key to potential transmission problems, but it doesn’t necessarily signal imminent doom.
  • Leaks Wet spots and puddles beneath your vehicle deserve immediate attention. Running your vehicle with low or no transmission fluid is a sure way to end up with a new transmission
  • Heavy knocking sound or grinding when shifting gears is another indication of problems.
  • Slippage “Slippage” is when the engine speeds up but the vehicle doesn’t respond accordingly. It is a sign of a failing transmission.
  • Missed Shifts A delayed or missing response when shifting gears is a sure sign that your transmission has failed or is failing.

Over 90% of all Automatic Transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination.

Your transmission needs a complete flush and fluid change for optimum performance.

The Solution

My Auto Tech transmission service:

  • Removes 95% of the used contaminated fluid.
  • No more rough or hard shifting problems

My Auto Tech’s transmission service equipment carries multiple patents and is approved by major motor vehicle manufacturers.

Computer Scan

Our technicians are highly skilled in computer analysis...


Today’s cars are complex machines. More like spacecraft, high skill levels and specific expertise are required to repair and maintain late model vehicles. Expert knowledge of mechanical and electronic systems is mandatory. Mechanics must be versed in electronic computer control systems as much as mechanical systems.

At My Auto Tech Manurewa, South Auckland, our automotive mechanic technicians maintain this high level of skill.

Electronic computer diagnostics

We are equipped with the latest electronic and mechanical service tools required to read and analyze data in order to locate the source of problems which would otherwise be even more difficult to find.

Locating the source of the problem is the first step in the repair. Once a fault is verified, the problem can be repaired or the part replaced.

Latest technical information

Up-to-date technical information is essential in properly testing electronic devices. The specifications of these electronic devices, such as sensors and actuators, are needed to accurately measure electrical signals to and from each unit. Only through proper measurement can we determine whether a unit is doing its job or causing problems.

Fleet services

If your company uses a fleet of vehicles keeping them on the road is what we do...


Fleet maintenance made easy

Nobody understands your need for fast and accurate service better than My Auto Tech. We give you…

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Certified technicians
  • One-stop-shop complete vehicle care services
  • Convenient hours – so your vehicles can be up and running when you need them the most
  • Great prices
  • Fantastic service
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

Touch up repairs

Minor touch-ups and repairs for your vehicle to keep it looking as good as it runs


In true automotive mechanic one-stop-shop style we offer the added service of minor touch up repairs here at our Manurewa, South Auckland premises.

We can help with:

  • Bumpers – Dent Repairs, bump repairs, scrapes, scratches, small splits and holes, peeling & flaking paint
  • Minor dents & scrapes to damage on doors, guards, key/coin scratches, shopping trolley & car park panel damage.
  • Oxidised paint on window trims, wiper arms, side moldings etc.

Tyre and wheel Services

Tyre supply and wheel service requirements



My Auto Tech offer a wide selection of tyres, both new and used, available in all sizes and needs. We also offer wheel balancing, to improve the quality of your drive.

Puncture repair

A flat tyre normally occurs when something has pierced the tyre. If the damage is minor, it can usually be repaired. In cases where the sidewall or shoulder of the tyre is damaged, the tyre will need to be replaced.

Wheel alignment

Make sure your vehicle is in line with a wheel alignment from My Auto Tech. If your vehicle feels unstable, a proper wheel alignment can improve driver safety, create a smoother ride and increase fuel efficiency.

Tyre alignment and out-of-balance warning signs

  • Your vehicle pulls to right or left when driving
  • Your steering wheel is not straight while driving on a level road
  • There is vibration in the steering wheel or through your seat*
  • Your tires are wearing unevenly or squeal on turns
  • Your steering feels unstable

*An out-of-balance tyre and wheel will typically create a vibration or shake that becomes progressively worse as the vehicle’s speed increases. The speed at which the vibration first becomes apparent will vary depending on the size and weight of the tyres and wheels, the size and weight of the vehicle, the sensitivity of the steering and suspension, and the amount of imbalance. The vibration or shake usually starts at 70 to 80 km/h and increases in intensity as the speed increases.

Mechanical Repairs

Minor to major, whatever the issue, we can help


Regardless of your odometer reading, My Auto Tech can help keep your engine in original-performance condition. We perform all internal engine repairs from head gaskets and valve jobs to complete engine replacements.

Common symptoms of engine issues

A light on your dashboard is an early indicator of a potential engine problem. It’s best to get a diagnostic test from My Auto Tech as soon as the light comes on, even if you don’t have any obvious engine symptoms. Bring your vehicle to My Auto Tech as soon as possible if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Engine runs rough while idling
  • Engine pings or knocks, and the sound gets worse on acceleration
  • Engine makes clicking, rattling or hammering noises
  • Vehicle uses a lot more gas than it used to
  • Vehicle doesn’t accelerate normally
  • Dark exhaust smoke or exhaust is ‘spitting’
  • Uses excessive water or oil

What’s making that sound?

Unusual sounds from the engine can be caused by any number of issues, from simple to complex, including:

  • Loose, worn or broken engine parts
  • Fuel or oil has entered into the air charge of the cylinders
  • Malfunctioning valves or timing parts

Even if you feel something’s not quite right with your engine, suspension or steering but you’re not sure how to explain it, give My Auto Tech a call. Our technicians will ask you some questions and when you bring it in, give it a test drive to help us diagnose any issues.

Pricing Table

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Standard pricing

Service Standard Price Golden age and students (with ID)
Warrant of Fitness
Vehicles 6 months $29 $26
Vehicles 12 months $45 $39
Trailers 6 months $25 $23
Trailers 12 months $29 $27
Wheel Alignment
Normal 2WD vehicles $59 $49
4X4 vehicles, vans & Europeans $69 $59
My Pre-purchase inspection
59 point check $49 $45
59 point inc. Engine & gearbox $99 $90
As above plus computer scan $149 $135
My Bronze service
Under 2000cc $85 $80
2000cc – 3000cc & Vans $95 $85
3000cc – 4000cc & Europeans $104 $90
Over 4000cc & V8s $115 $100
Diesels $115 $100
My Silver service
Under 2000cc $159 $145
2000cc – 3000cc & Vans $169 $155
3000cc – 4000cc & Europeans $179 $160
Over 4000cc & V8s $189 $170
My Gold service
Under 2000cc $209 $190
2000cc – 3000cc & Vans $230 $209
3000cc – 4000cc & Europeans $249 $229
Over 4000cc & V8s $299 $279
Diesels $230 $209
My Brakes
Front Brake Pads $110 $99
Rear Brake Pads $120 $105
My Transmission service
Under 3000cc $199 $179
3000cc – 4000cc & Europeans $209 $189
Over 4000cc & MHP oil $250 $239
My Air conditioning service
Under 500gm freon gas added $179 $165
Over 500gm freon gas added $199 $185
My Diagnostics
Computer scan $55 $49
My Tyre service
Used tyres from $45
New tyres from $70