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Transmission servicing

Whether its time for routine service or repair, My Auto Tech is equipped and staffed to handle anything on the road, from old to late model vehicles including high performance European cars, SUVs and 4x4s.

We can help you with all of your transmission and driveline service and repair needs.

Symptoms of a dirty transmission

  • Rough Shifting Abrupt or hard shifting between gears is the most common sign of transmission problems.
  • Fluid Dark or dirty transmission fluid is another key to potential transmission problems, but it doesn't necessarily signal imminent doom.
  • Leaks Wet spots and puddles beneath your vehicle deserve immediate attention. Running your vehicle with low or no transmission fluid is a sure way to end up with a new transmission
  • Heavy knocking sound or grinding when shifting gears is another indication of problems.
  • Slippage "Slippage" is when the engine speeds up but the vehicle doesn't respond accordingly. It is a sign of a failing transmission.
  • Missed Shifts A delayed or missing response when shifting gears is a sure sign that your transmission has failed or is failing.

Over 90% of all Automatic Transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination.

Your transmission needs a complete flush and fluid change for optimum performance.

The Solution

My Auto Tech transmission service:

  • Removes 95% of the used contaminated fluid.
  • No more rough or hard shifting problems

My Auto Tech's transmission service equipment carries multiple patents and is approved by major motor vehicle manufacturers.

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